This continues to be a major worry for Maryland, particularly since it is so late in the season. They turned the ball over 18 times against Michigan, which is hard to fathom considering that Maryland was playing on its home court, had come off a couple of bad losses so they should have been on alert for mental mistakes, and because Michigan is an inferior team.  We talked with Terps color commentator Chris Knoche on our show, who is a former head coach himself, and when I called the turnovers “confounding,” he was even more critical, saying some of them were “absurd.”

If this were November or December, maybe even early January, I would say it’s still early and they’ll get it fixed.  Now, that we’re in late February, I think you have to be concerned.  It has become a pattern. Maryland turns it over on average 13.3 times a game. That is the second highest in the Big Ten.  Diamond Stone, the biggest guy on the court, trying to run the fast break Sunday was a head scratcher; he knows better than that. In games in the tournament that could be decided by a basket, players have to be smarter.

I have no doubt that the Terps have the ability to improve in this area.  They have so much talent and experience. However, I also thought by now they would have improved.

With 6 days in between games, I hope Coach Turgeon gets them to hear his message to be more careful with the basketball.