Pat Hughes is the play by play voice of the Chicago Cubs since 1996.

Pat joined Ed and Steve to talk about the kind of player the Orioles are getting in former Cub Dexter Fowler.

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Pat started off talking about the kind of person the Orioles are getting in outfielder Dexter Fowler saying “he is a great guy, his teammates will love him…he is a good lead-off hitter and he’s got some power, and he’s a clutch ball player.” As for what the signing means for certain guys in the line-up of the Orioles Pat said “he probably will allow Manny Machado to move down to 3 or 4 in the line-up.”

Pat talked about what kind of player Fowler is defensively saying “he is a good defensive player, I don’t know how he’ll make the transition to right field I only saw him play center field.” When the subject of Fowler’s increased number of strikeouts came up and whether it was because it was a contract year and he was swinging for the fences Pat said “I’d say it is certainly a possibility, you’d have to ask him but it certainly is not uncommon…he was a good force for the Cubs, he started a lot of rallies when the Cubs were playing their best ball of the year.”

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Pat also talked about if Fowler can get his numbers up against right handed pitching and against the American League pitching staffs, and talked about Fowler’s tremendous speed.