By Marcus Washington

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Under Armour launches a new ad campaign, urging consumers to “Rule Yourself.” Baltimore’s own Michael Phelps will be prominently featured.

Marcus Washington on this brand new campaign.

The “Rule Yourself” campaign is back for Under Armour, with new faces, featuring U.S. gymnasts preparing for their Olympic debut and soccer player Memphis Depay.

While Michael Phelps is not in the first set of ads, the Baltimore native will star in a short film later this year, promoting the brand.

“Whatever the next step is relevant for everybody. So they’re showing people the highest level of the next step, but the idea that, ‘I just want to be a little bit better…’ that’s something everyone can somewhat relate to,” said Greg Hoplamazian, Loyola University Md. communications professor.

Hoplamazian says putting the faces of prominent athletes in a campaign is always appealing to customers–take Loyola University student Dan Napack.

“I guess it makes me want to buy the product more when I see big stars that I’m into, like Steph Curry, advertising their products,” he said.

And it’s something the company knows, saying: “As a company built by athletes, we truly understand an athlete’s never-ending quest to reach greatness, and we want to showcase and honor their sacrifices.”

Some experts say the way Under Armour’s ads run together, as if they’re telling a story, allows many customers to feel as if they are growing with the brand.

“Brands have fans–like athletes and teams have fans–brands have fans. And so, fans of a particular brand like to see that brand moving and evolving in a way that is consistent with how their fans want to move and evolve,” said Hoplamazian.

An evolution being watched as a Baltimore company takes on the world.

Under Armour’s “Rule Yourself” campaign last year featured Misty Copeland, Jordan Speith and Steph Curry.


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