BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Weeks after a promising, young Morgan State University student was stabbed to death just off campus, his killer remains on the loose. Sources tell WJZ police know who did it, but they need witnesses to come forward.

Jessica Kartalija has the parents’ plea for someone to speak up.

On February 1, a fight at a Morgan State University basketball game spilled out onto the streets, just off campus. More than a dozen people were caught up in the brawl, including 20-year-old Gerald Williams.

“He was going to be a writer. He was going to rock the world,” said Jonee Brown, mother.

A promising student, Williams was stabbed and killed in that fight–just three years after his parents recorded the moment he learned he was accepted into the school of his dreams.

Now, for the first time, Williams’ parents are speaking only to WJZ about their son’s death.

Kartalija: “You send your child off to college and you don’t ever think they’re not going to come home.”

Brown: “No. You don’t think that at all. You set up a life for 20 years, and you work very, very hard at it and then when you lose him and you’ve done all of that and you’ve presented him to the world and he’s ready to start his career–he was in his third year at school–it’s so unreal… It’s like the nightmare of the nightmare.”

Jonee Brown and Gerald Williams tell WJZ they hope the public hears their plea for help, as their son’s killer remains on the loose.

Kartalija: “Does it frustrate you to know that the person who did this is still out, walking?”

Brown: “Absolutely. Absolutely. It’s terrifying–because you think–who’s next?”

City police tell WJZ they are aggressively searching for a suspect, but they need witnesses to come forward. They say more than a dozen people were right there when Williams was stabbed.

Kartalija: “You know that there were so many people there that saw what happened who aren’t talking.”

Brown: “Yeah. It’s very important to come forward if anybody knows anything because we don’t want another child to be hurt.”

Kartalija: “Once they do have a suspect in custody, will that bring some closure?”

Williams: “To me? No. There will never be closure. There’ll be what we call justice–a little bit–but closure to your heart, closure to this? No. You don’t close this. It goes on. This is real.”

Brown: “You’re taking someone’s baby–someone’s baby–and now he’s gone. He’s gone. Because somebody thought that his life was not important.”

If anyone has information about what happened the night Gerald Williams was killed, you are urged to call police or Metro Crime Stoppers at 1-866-7LOCKUP. All tips can remain anonymous.


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