Former Oriole and MLB Network analyst, Bill Ripken, joined the Scott Garceau Show with Jeremy Conn to talk about Dexter Fowler’s decision to return to Chicago over joining the Orioles.

Free agent outfielder Dexter Fowler had reportedly agreed to a three year deal worth $33 million with the Orioles earlier in the week; but suddenly had a change of heart and decided to return to the Chicago Cubs on a one year contract worth $13 million. Bill Ripken talked about how shocking of a decision this was, “I’m sitting up here in the Network and I came in today and I don’t think I’ve ever seen this place so shocked and so bewildered on any baseball new that has happened. I think they’re caught off guard, we’re caught off guard and to think that the deal was discussed as agreed upon and then you got Fowler showing up in his T-shirt out there when the press release hits, saying he’s a Cub. I can only imagine what some of the people in the front office in Baltimore are thinking.”

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Later, Scott Garceau quotes the President Of Baseball Operations, Theo Epstein, to bring up a possible underlying scheme by the Cubs, “I was happy for Dex, he deserves a great moment. We hatched a little plan and we were able to pull it off.” Scott asked Bill Ripken, “that sounds sneaky doesn’t it?!” Bill replied, “it seems a little strange and the other thing on this if you look at it; Dexter Fowler turned down almost $15 million; he turned down the qualifying offer from the Cubs and now accepted $13 million to go there for a one year deal. I don’t quite understand the math when you’re looking at the guaranteed money that the Orioles had on the table for Dexter; the one thing I do understand is let’s face it Dexter had his best run as a big leaguer last year and it was in Chicago. Maybe there was a part of him that said ‘I messed up the way this market unfolded and turned down that qualifying offer and if I get any opportunity that is similar I might jump into Chicago…and if I play well then I might be able to try this free agency thing one more time next year.”

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