BALTIMORE (WJZ) — It’s the largest animal shelter in Maryland, and often handles some of the most devastating abuse cases. But now, a viral video has put BARCS in the international spotlight.

Meghan McCorkell has more on the major impact it’s having.

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Staffers say when they first posted the video, they had no idea how big of a deal it would be.

Video of BARCS surgical assistant Dennis Moses comforting a crying puppy has made its way around the world.

“It’s still amazing how many people have viewed that video,” said Moses.

The 15-second video shot by a volunteer has now been seen by more than 9-million people.

“It’s really been a whirlwind,” said Bailey Deacon, who posted the moment to the BARCS Facebook page a few days ago, not knowing what would happen next.

“I had some meetings all day, and when I came back it was already at 2-million, and I could not believe what was happening,” said Deacon.

In the past two days, adoptions at the shelter have spiked–calls have been coming in from around the world–and the shelter’s Facebook page has 30,000 new followers.

Moses says the video obviously struck a chord.

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“People think that shelters are not caring or heartful… we are,” said Moses.

BARCS is the largest shelter in Maryland and often handles horrifying cases of animal abuse, nursing victims back to health.

Every year, BARCS takes in about 11,000 animals. Now they hope the video shines a spotlight on the mission of the organization.

“The more donations we get, the more lives we save,” Deacon said.

And for BARCS, every donation makes a difference.

“Go to Facebook, hit like, if you want, donate a dollar for every like,” said Moses.

The way the video is going, that could add up pretty quick.

Moses says he’s happy the video is bringing attention to BARCS, but it is also bringing a lot of attention to him. He tells WJZ he’s even gotten a few marriage proposals.

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BARCS officials say 85 percent of their rescued animals are adopted.