Dan Duquette is the General Manager of the Baltimore Orioles.

Dan joined Ken and Steve to talk about the off-season, Yovani Gallardo, and if the team is worried their physicals may scare away free agents in the future.

He started by talking about what the team will do to fill the hole in the outfield and lead-off hitter roles saying, “well, Buck is using Manny Machado and Kim second…we have enough sluggers down below so it would be nice to add an on-base guy.” As for whether Davis could play in the outfield Dan said, “the good thing about Chris Davis is he’s willing to play wherever Buck and the club would like him to play…he’s a core player for this team, he’s an asset in the outfield but I don’t know that it’s something the club would like to do right now.”

As for the addition of pitcher Yovani Gallardo and what he brings to the table Dan said “here is a guy who is a proven MLB starter, he came over from Texas where he put up some really good numbers…he likes to pitch important games and match-up against other team’s best pitchers.”

Dan also addressed whether or not the team is gaining a reputation around the league or if their physicals will scare away future free agents.