LINTHICUM, Md. (WJZ) — A Spirit Airlines plane looked more like a boxing ring after a group of women aboard a Los Angeles-bound flight out of Baltimore have a brawl.

Amy Yensi has more on this shocking video.

The plane has just landed, but fists were flying.

The women battled it out, as other passengers looked on.

Cell phone video shows an all out brawl between a group of women on a plane.

The chaos erupting in a Spirit Airlines plane. There’s shouting, shoving, hair-pulling and it even looks like someone throws a punch.

It happened Wednesday morning on Flight 141 from Baltimore to Los Angeles.

One witness tells WJZ, she was six rows behind the woman when fists started flying, just after the plane landed.

“We heard something, someone said: What are you going to do? And then some girls started talking, going back and forth,” said passenger Diona Gordon. “And then all of sudden they threw punches.”

A Spirit Airlines spokesperson tells WJZ, the flight fight started when two intoxicated passengers were playing their music very loudly on a boombox and refused to lower it. When another passenger complained after an argument, came this:

“Ladies and gentleman please remain seated with your seat belts fastened,” said the captain.

Flight attendants struggled to jeep the order as some passengers whip out their phones and stand up, startled by the commotion.

Travelers who saw the video say they don’t know what they’d do if a fight broke out on their flight.

“I’d have sat right there,” said one man.

Airport police removed all five women involved in the fight off the plane for questioning, but they were later released.

No one was seriously hurt, but one person was cited.

The passenger WJZ spoke to was on her way to LA to get married.

Passengers say the fight didn’t last long and U.S. Marshall on board broke up the fight.

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