By Mike Schuh

PIKESVILLE, Md. (WJZ) — Yoga is part physical, part mental and part spiritual.

It is challenging at all levels.

As Mike Schuh reports, two of the best live right here in Baltimore.

Kelly Hall has worked to become this flexible, calm and centered.

It shows on stage. Here she is competing in the Maryland State Yoga Championship.

“I am 7th in the country,” Hall said, who ranks first in Maryland.

Also at that competition, a man who shares her last name.

Eddie Hall, her husband, is also a yogi.

He’s the best in Maryland and the best in the country.

“You don’t see it too often,’ Hall said. “There is one other couple in Colorado that’s competed in the Top 10, but other than that you don’t see two people like this who come along.”

They train together and know it’s an advantage having such a talented partner spotting flaws and giving encouragement.

Six days a week of this in order to try to win the U.S. Nationals in 10 weeks.

“We’re holding things longer,’ said Hall. “We’re doing advanced stretches and we’re doing drills.”

So what makes them so good?

“I think having each other to push each other really helps,” Hall said. “Having a second set of eyes watching you while you do your routines, do your posture.”

So this incredibly impressive, yet flexible couple will leave for Wyoming at the end of May to try to win it all.



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