ANNAPOLIS (WJZ)– A bold bill in Annapolis that will allow teachers to fight back in the event of a school shooting.

George Solis has the details.

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In the wake of tragic school shootings like Sandy Hook where 20 children were killed and here at home, like in 2012 when a Perry Hall high student shot another on the first day of school, one man is pushing to make sure teachers and in Maryland can fight back.

“While tragedy’s like this will still happen we can cut down the number of people who are injured,” said Delegate Rick Impallaria.

Impallaria tells WJZ he sponsored the bill because he thinks school would be safer. He wants to allow teachers and other school officials to carry guns on school grounds if they get the necessary school board approval and a permit from the state police.

Some argue the bill sets up unrealistic expectations that arming key adults inside the school will prevent violence.

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“It’s very hyperbolic to try and react to a shooting like a Columbine, Sandy Hook or things like that with local legislation,” said Impallaria.

Supporters say when it comes to children’s safety: the more guns the better.

“In a situation where you have someone attempting to harm students it is important to have as many people as possible,” said one supporter.

Should the bill pass the decision as to who gets to carry a gun is still left up to some discretion.

While people at today’s hearing had strong opposing opinions – everybody agrees that something must be done to make schools safer.

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If this passes, school officials would recommend who should get the guns.