Terps Color Commentator Chris Knoche talks about the Terps’ NCAA tournament chances with Scott and Jeremy.

Chris Knoche is breaking down Maryland’s chances to move forward.

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After talking about the pros and cons for a few of the teams, the guys go over what Maryland must do tomorrow.

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“I think they need to go inside early and stay with it. With Michigan State, they forgot about their interior game in the last ten minutes. you have to get Diamond Stone involved, and either Diamond Stone or Robert Carter also has to be able to defend on the perimeter because South Dakota runs a lot of 5-out motions, so one of those guys has to be up for the task defensively. If they’re able to handle it defensively, and to do the job that Maryland did in the second half against Michigan State, then they’ll be in great shape in the game. Just play for 40, they just have to be solid throughout.”

Listen to the full interview below:

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