Since Major League Baseball hasn’t come up with a way to get its players to agree to a ban of chewing company, now the government is getting involved. One by one, cities are banning it, meaning athletes and fans can’t chew. It will directly affect the Orioles in 3 parks at least: Yankee Stadium, Fenway Park and Cellular Field (White Sox Stadium), with more to come. Earlier this week we had Chris Davis on the morning show and he was very candid about the new policy in the MLB and how it can effect the players and the fans.

I have mixed feelings on this. Chewing tobacco is a legal substance, so who is the government to tell people they can’t do something they’re allowed to do, and oh yeah, that people taxes on it when they buy it. On the flip side, I think MLB players set an awful example for kids when they are seen on camera chewing. To me, the right answer is for the players to police themselves. They are losing the PR battle and are going to lose the legal battle too. I would suggest the union and league come up with a ban, and to get current players who are against the ban because they are addicted to tobacco (it’s not against the law to be addicted to a legal substance), maybe they should grandfather these players in, much like the NHL did with helmets many years ago.

I understand the argument that it’s the parents job to teach their kids not to chew tobacco, but players are role models, and they make a tremendous amount of money because they are idolized and glorified. So, the rules are different for them. It may not be right or fair, but it is kind of reality. They might as well realize it so they can government out of their business and off their back.