By Linh Bui

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Orioles’ opening day is around the corner and final preparations are underway to make sure everything is perfect.

Linh Bui has more on how work is coming along.

Bunting for the stands was just installed Thursday. It’s painstaking work that has to be done before every season begins.

The Orioles play the Twins Monday but first, crews have to make sure the ballpark is perfect.

“Number one: you have to make sure the safety of the field is intact for the players when they come back and number two the aesthetics, making sure it’s green, looking great for all the fans,” said head groundkeeper Nicole McFadyen.

McFadyen says a warmer winter helped them out. It kept the grass greener and crews got too work early. January’s historic blizzard came at the perfect time for them; if it had come one month later, they’d be in trouble.

“As far as grass is concerned, it was perfect because it gave the roots a nice insulation and it melted right in time for us to get back out,” she said.

Plenty left to do but everything’s on track for opening day.

“We’re ready to go. I’m excited for the team to come back,” she said.

Opening Day is Monday. Live pregame coverage begins at 2, followed by the game against the Twins. You can watch it all live right here on WJZ.


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