Like everyone else, my bracket is busted. I had Michigan State beating North Carolina in one Final Four game, and Oklahoma over Kansas in the other one. So, I have 2 of my Final Four teams left, UNC and Oklahoma.

I will take both of them to win their respective games over Syracuse and Villanova. Regarding UNC-Syracuse, I just can’t see Carolina losing. They have won every game by double digits, 14, 15, 16 and 19. No one has given them a game. Oklahoma and Villanova is a toss-up for me, so I will go with the team with the best player, Buddy Hield.  That leaves Carolina and Oklahoma.  I will take Carolina to win it all, and then predict we will witness a huge controversy. It looks like there was a huge academic cheating scandal that benefited basketball and football players for years at UNC.  The NCAA hasn’t completed its investigation yet, but when they do, I think it’s fair to assume UNC will face heavy sanctions.

So, the NCAA faces the prospect of crowning a new champ and then subsequently heavily disciplining its new champ.