I know it’s frowned upon to get too excited, but the Baltimore Orioles are 6-0. Now is the time to analyze and even scrutinize the wins. They’ve only beaten the Minnesota Twins, who are now 0-7 and the Tampa Bay Rays who are 2-4.

Then, on Monday, they went up to Fenway Park in Boston and knocked off David Price and the Red Sox on their home opener. The BoSox are only 3-3 so don’t get so excited. They are only a .500 team. However, if you’re keeping score, the Red Sox were 3-2 before their loss Monday so technically, the Orioles FINALLY own a win against a team with a winning record.

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When did we become so critical of our teams? When did it go from cheering to sitting on our hands, waiting for them to crash and burn? It seems it’s better to wait for the fall rather than actually have fun and enjoy the ride.

I watch sports for the fun, for the enjoyment. I watch sports to root for my team to win. Right now, the O’s are fun to watch and they’re winning. With 162 games in the season, even the best team in the game will have a time or times when they struggle. It seems we are so caught up with the micro-sized football season of 16 games that we’ve forgotten how to enjoy the game of baseball. No, it’s not time to make plans for the play-offs, but six wins and no losses is what it is. They still count, just like the losses would if they were 0-6.

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I don’t want to temper my enthusiasm, just like I wouldn’t control the feeling that I have when my team goes on a losing streak. I don’t suit it up for this team so I don’t have to stay calm and relax. I’m afforded to opportunity to be overly excited or panic when things go wrong. That’s what being a fan is all about. It’s short for “fanatic,” and that’s what I am. I’m proud to say I’m fanatic. Why is that no longer en vogue?

You watch the game the way you want to watch the game, but PLEASE don’t tell me how to enjoy my teams. Soon enough, September will be here and I’ll have to live with either making play-off plans or counting down to spring training again. Some of us live for the daily grind of living and dying with our baseball team. Some of us love the fact that, no matter what, we don’t have to wait for more than 48 hours for more results from our team. For the most part, it’s just a 24 hour journey to the next panic attack.

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The Baltimore Orioles are 6-0. I’m loving life. When the time comes for that first loss, I will wake up the next morning and avoid MLB Network. I’m petty that way. However, for now, just let me be.