Rick Dempsey spoke with 105.7’s Scott Garceau Show to review last night’s Orioles game and what to expect from the bullpen in future games.

Dempsey was impressed with Adam Jones’ “incredible” diving catch during the game, but even more so with Joey Rickard’s ability to hustle.

He said, “[Rickard] just hustles all the time and that’s a refreshing thing to see. What a find!” He continued to say, “I did not expect him to come to big leagues and do as well as he has done so far. He is an incredible hitter already, it looks like he’s been here for ten years.”

However, base hits and home runs are one thing, when it comes to the Orioles’ starting pitching, Dempsey is a little concerned. He said, “We have an incredible ball club… but the only question mark is pitching.” Can the Orioles turn it around to have pitchers go deeper into the games?

Hear even more as the guys talk about players like Manny Machado, Pedro Alvarez and more:


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