BALTIMORE (WJZ) — One year after the death of Freddie Gray, Baltimore continues to bring peace back to the city, taking over the streets of downtown Baltimore for a unity march.

Tracey Leong has more.

The peaceful unity march ended at the Freddie Gray Youth Empowerment Center. Hundreds of people joined the movement to get their message across.

Peaceful chants guided a unity march through west Baltimore. Pastor Jamal Bryant led the movement, which started in the Penn North neighborhood that was at the heart of the riots one year ago following the death of Freddie Gray last April.

“It wasn’t against the police or against the mayor but what we can do as a community as we stick and stand together,” Bryant said.

“Make this Baltimore the place we want it to be,” said actor and activist Danny Glover, who joined the movement.

The unity march took over Baltimore streets. Police even blocked the way so they could demonstrate safely.

The rally not only honors Freddie Gray but highlights the work that still needs to be done.

“It’s more than just Freddie Gray. It’s about changing the lives and mindset of people in Baltimore because we have killings every day and it needs to stop,” said Tyrone Boyette.

While Baltimore has made progress since the unrest, some believe it’s not enough.

“A lot more work needs to be done,” Boyette said. “It starts at home.”

The rally united Baltimore.

“I brought my daughter out to let her know that if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything so I’m teaching her at a young age,” said Larria Bennett.

That one mile march ended at the Freddie Gray Youth Empowerment Center where Pastor Bryant said now is the time for the youth to make their voices heard.

“The whole world is watching what we are going to be doing and I want all of them to go vote,” Bryant said.

Another community rally for Freddie Gray is scheduled for Monday at City Hall, beginning at 3 p.m.