The Orioles have now lost three in a row.

For all the concern, and it’s legitimate, about the starting pitching not going deep enough into games, the issue right now, and has been, the Orioles bats.  Not just the last 3 games by the way, in which the Orioles have only scored two runs in 27 innings.

The Orioles started the year 7-0. In those seven games, they scored less than four runs just once. Since then, the Orioles have played 12 games. They’ve lost eight of them.  In the 12 games, after scoring more than three runs in six of their seven, they’ve scored more than three runs in just four of the 12. They just aren’t hitting right now. They’ve gone 34 innings without a home run, not a good run for a team that will rely on the home run. Tuesday night they had a runner on third with less than two out in the 2nd and 4th innings. Neither time could they even muster a sac fly.  If they just had two productive outs there, that gives them three runs in a game in which they lost 3-1.

Sure, Ubaldo can’t give up an 0-2 home run, but even more concerning is the Orioles lack of production at the plate since their hot start.


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