The NCAA tournament was about a month ago that coach Jay Wright of Villanova took the win with his Villanova Wildcats.

This tournament was the first championship for Villanova in 31 years.

Coach Wright spoke with Scott Garceau and Jeremy Conn about what that winning moment actually felt like and how he has the game DVR’d and watched it back again later on.

Coach talked about how he aimed to keep himself, and his team, humble while going through the process and toughness of the tournament. “I think we have the record for losing to the national champions the most times in the NCAA tournament. We had an incredible run there, and it is very humbling, that you just know you’re very fortunate to be in the spot,” said Wright.

The coach goes into some of the relationships he has with some of the students and their families. Coach Wright said, “It starts with the parents of these players. We have an incredible group of parents.”

Tune in to hear more from the coach Jay Wright of Villanova below:


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