Mike Preston of the Baltimore Sun checks in with Norris and Davis to recap the first round of the NFL Draft for the Ravens.

The Ravens had Laremy Tunsil fall into their lap, right in the order they wanted him, but because of the controversial Twitter video that surfaced, paired with the domestic violence of his past, the Ravens took a sharp right turn and found themselves picking the “safer” choice of Ronnie Stanley.

“I’m not saying it’s a bad pick, I’m saying it’s a safe pick. They did what they had to do,” said Preston.

Overall, Preston seemed a bit underwhelmed with the Ravens first round pick, Ronnie Stanley. He said, “You needed an impact player, and they didn’t get it. You had all his build up of getting an impact player, a difference maker. He’s just safe…This team needs tough guys. Guys that can go out and intimidate. They need to get their swagger back, and they’re not going to get it with this guy.”


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