The debate of the Ravens choosing Ronnie Stanley versus Laremy Tunsil in the first round is still a hot topic for fans and experts alike. Wally Williams, a former Raven, joined the Norris and Davis Show to further talk about the Ravens drafting Stanley over Tunsil and discuss if the Ravens made the right choice.

Williams commented that with a first round pick that high, the Ravens undoubtedly had the option to get “that kind of talent” out of the draft with Tunsil but obviously, the team decided against it.

Tunsil provided an obvious intimidation factor. Norris commented, “you want to have a Zeus on your side of the ball who is just a giant, mean freakin’ guy, who is going to strike fear in the hearts of the other team. I just don’t think they have that sometimes.”

Williams said, “When you ask that question, ‘Is he tough?’ I think the Stanley vs Tunsil thing will play out to see which is the right dog in the cage. You want a fighter.”

However, Davis commented, “I don’t think there’s any way the ravens could have taken Laremy Tunsil when that video popped.” Outside of the public relations issue, it was a question of being able to take that chance in the short amount of time the team had to make a decision.

Overall, the Ravens did decide to pick OT Ronnie Stanley which, despite some expert opinions, does have the ability to immediately impact the team.

Norris and Davis added that Eugene Monroe’s fate is effected by the pick of Ronnie Stanley. Williams agrees, “I think you get rid of Monroe right now. Let’s see about the toughness. Move forward as an organization and [Stanley] is the going to be the tackle and we’re going to fill the gaps in with some other players and get this thing rolling.”

Listen to the full interview below:


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