The Baltimore Orioles started the game 5-0, but it turns out they had the Tigers right where they wanted them. The Orioles rallied for 7 runs in the sixth and seventh inning and the bullpen pitched four scoreless innings and the Orioles won their fifth game in a row. The Birds now have the third highest winning percentage.

Brittany Ghiroli joined Norris and Davis to recap the game last night:

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Ghiroli started by commenting on the way the Orioles won: “It was interesting to me that they didn’t hit any homeruns to do it. I think the fact that they had double-digit hits and were able to score all those runs without going deep once, well one, it says how badly the Tigers bullpen sucks, and two it says something about the Orioles lineup and them swinging fairly well.”

Ghiroli said seeing Jones heat back up again was really encouraging.

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Norris asked if she’s surprised that the Orioles are in the position that they are in the rankings after the way spring training went. Ghiroli said, “I’m blown away. I’m not going to pretend like I saw this coming. But they’re in first place and it’s May 13 and they don’t show signs of slowing down. There’s no team in the AL East that they look like they’re going to struggle against. I think they’re going to hold their own.”