Maryland has five teams in the NCAA Lacrosse Tournament this weekend. Head coach Dave Pietramala of the Johns Hopkins University Men’s Lacrosse team joined Ed and Steve to talk about the Hopkins tournament game tomorrow afternoon.

Pietramala and his team have played games on the road before, so does that prepare them better for the tournament?

“There’s no question you take from your past experiences. The fact that we were in the final four last year, playing at a big stadium, a big game, it helps our seniors and juniors and they’ve seen it before. Frankly, you’d rather be at home, but at the end of the day you’re in the tournament and everybody has got to beat a quality opponent. So for us, to go on the road, we’ve already spent the majority of the season on the road. So it’s not foreign territory to us.”

Hear more from Coach Pietramala as he talks about his offense, the players and the coordinators:


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