This week’s edition of the Norris & Davis Show Best Of includes interviews with Mike Battaglia reviewing the Kentucky Derby and previewing the Preakness, new Ravens wide receiver Keenan Reynolds, and Comcast Sportsnet Capitals analyst Craig Laughlin prior to the Caps playoff exit.

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Mike Battaglia

Mike started by talking about horses that can challenge Derby win Nyquist at the Preakness saying “Nyquist has such an advantage over Exaggerator…Exaggerator needs somebody to get out there and run like a Nyquist to push him on in the race.”

As for the situation between Kent and Keith Desormeaux the trainer/jockey duo for Exaggerator and their strained relationship due to alleged substance abuse Mike said “it’s a family relationship, I’m the oldest of nine kids, sometimes everything doesn’t go along smoothly…when they get on the race track and when Kent isn’t impaired he is one heck of a rider.”

Mike also talked about what he thinks will happen at the Preakness with Mike saying “if he runs the way he ran on Saturday he (Nyquist) won’t have any problem at the Preakness…the challenge for him will be at the Belmont, and the mile and a half.”

Keenan Reynolds

Reynolds started off by talking about making the transition to wide receiver and how tough that was for him saying, “I felt like I fit in pretty well, a couple of the guys didn’t even know I played quarterback until I told them.” As for which is harder to learn; wide receiver or return man, Keenan said, “they’re equally as difficult I spend a lot of time on both.”

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The Secretary of Navy unofficially endorsed Keenan Reynolds playing in NFL but there has been no official statement as of yet. When we asked Keenan if there were any updates on the situation he said, “it will clear up soon, but I only know as much as you guys do.”

As for the differences between Navy practices and NFL practices Keenan said, “the intensity of practice is about the same…I really haven’t figured out exactly what that difference is, in the NFL a lot more is expected of you.”

Keenan also gave us an insight into his current schedule getting ready for the NFL, while still finishing up his student obligations to the Navy with finals week in full swing.

Craig Laughlin

Craig started off by talking about his key to a Caps victory saying, “the biggest thing is the line changes for Trotz he is going to have to be on top of things, match-ups will be critical…it’s also on the players on the bench to be ready and know who’s up less.” As for the chances for the Caps tonight, Craig said, “I think they’re more prepared for this game than in years past where they would go in and lose a series, I’m very confident in this team.”

When asked about what it means for the Caps to get defenseman Brooks Orpik back from suspension tonight Craig said, “I think it means a lot, when you bring back a player who has the experience and the pedigree of winning a cup before…you can’t have enough of those types of guys in a game 6 do or die situation.”

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Craig also talked about the Penguins goal-tending situation, and whether or not Caps fans should be worried by the way Evgeny Kuznetsov has struggled throughout these playoffs.