BALTIMORE (WJZ)– A nine-year-old girl is critically injured after nearly drowning in a Baltimore creek Sunday afternoon.

Amy Yensi has more on the frightening accident.

The little girl was taken out of the water and first responders were able to revive her but parents say this accident could have been prevented.

Memorial Day weekend took a devastating turn for a nine-year-old girl and her family after she fell into a creek and nearly drowned.

“I can’t imagine it being one of my own. It is a tragedy, especially when it’s supposed to be fun,” said parent Karen Maple. “It could’ve been my grandchildren because they play at this park all the time.”

Police say the girl was walking with another child near Herring Run Park when she fell into a seven-foot hole in the creek. The other child pulled the girl out and was able to call for help.

“Instead of enjoying the Memorial Day, the family is in the hospital, mourning or something, hoping that she survives,” said park visitor Al Ignacio.

Emergency crews pulled the girl from the water and were able to resuscitate her. The girl was rushed to the hospital.

The frightening accident hit too close to home for parents enjoying the holiday weekend at the park with their own children.

“It’s very scary,” said Shalawnda Shepherd. “I don’t think any kid should be playing in that area anyway. I don’t even recommend for my kids to be playing in that area.”

Parents say they worry about how easy it is for children to get access to the creek. It’s just steps away from the playground and there are no barriers to keep them out.

“You can’t really take your eyes off your child for a second, especially in an area like this where there’s a lot going on,” said parent Nayarae Johnson.

The little girl is in critical condition.

This is an ongoing investigation.


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