BALTIMORE (WJZ)—Dozens take to the streets calling on Governor Larry Hogan to restore five million dollars in state funding for city school construction projects.

“What Larry Hogan is doing I believe it’s unfair,” said 8th grade student Kimberli Elvir.

Last month, the governor voted to hold the money until portable air conditioning units are installed in all classrooms.

It’s a move school officials say is too expensive and nearly impossible.

“They say that education is very important, but at the same time it’s like you’re not actually showing it and proving it,” said Dominique Morris, a former student in Baltimore.

Activists say withholding the money could put construction projects at more than two dozen schools at risk.

Projects like broken heating systems, busted fire alarms and major roof leaks.

“A few years back we would have to put buckets on the floor because the roof would be leaking and it would cause distraction,” said 8th grader Daja Thomas.

“Recent engineering reports show that there was over $900 million in basic mechanical and systemic repairs needed to city schools,” said Frank Patinella, with the ACLU of Maryland.

But the governor isn’t backing down saying in a statement to WJZ, “What they should be protesting is the fact that far too many Baltimore City classrooms don’t have air conditioning”

“They’re receiving one billion dollars in state funding through the 21st century schools program. So it’s not a matter of funding for them either,” said Hogan last month.

Now teachers and students are hoping he changes his mind.

Nearly half of Baltimore City schools do not have air conditioning.

The governor has also voted to withhold $10-million from Baltimore County schools.


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