“Records are made to be broken,” we’ve all heard that cliché, haven’t we? Not all sports records are created equally and some, I promise you, won’t be broken.

Here are a few records that should be safe forever:

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CY Young’s 719 career complete games: In 2015 the MLB leader in complete games had 4. At that pace it would take 180 years to pass Cy. No wonder they named the award after him.

Wilt averages over 50 points for the season: It was the 1961-’62 season and the Philadelphia Warriors Wilt Chamberlain scored at will. In a March game that season in Hershey, PA Wilt scored an even 100 points. In Michael Jordan’s best scoring season he averaged 37.1 a game.

The Boston Celtics 8 straight NBA Titles: Bill Russell and friends made it look too easy with 8 straight from 1959-1966. Coach Red Auerbach became a chain- smoker lighting up victory cigars on the Celtics bench when he felt his team had clinched another win. In an age when it was common to see NBA coaches smoking cigarettes on the bench Red explained “The cigar is a sign of relaxation. The cigarette is a sign of tension.” And a lot of NBA teams were choking on Red’s smoke.

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Secretariat’s Amazing Triple Crown: In 1973 Secretariat became the first Triple Crown Winner in 25 years, and how! Secretariat established track records at The Kentucky Derby, The Preakness and The Belmont Stakes with a jaw-dropping 31 length win. Those records set over 40 years ago still stand today.

Cal’s 2,632 Streak: Joe DiMaggio’s 56 game hit streak looks safe, Cal Ripken’s consecutive games streak looks like a lock. Lou Gehrig’s 2,130 stood for 56 years then along came the kid from Aberdeen who showed up for work every day for over 16 seasons. The odds of Cal’s 2,632 record getting surpassed? Consider this: Manny Machado was the only MLB player to play all 162 last season. Fat chance!

The 0-21 Orioles: The 1988 disaster! There are bad starts and then there are 0-21 starts. These Orioles couldn’t shoot straight. They had a “Goof on the Roof” and a radio DJ who wouldn’t sign off until these losers won. After 21 losses the “cold day in hell” came with a win in Chicago. They returned home to a sold out Memorial Stadium crowd and won on “Fantastic Fans night.”  That was the end of the ’88 O’s fantastic; they finished 54-107 and 34.5 games behind first place Boston. 21 straight losses anytime are hard to fathom but 21 consecutive losses to start the season that’s cruel and unusual punishment.

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