It’s hard to imagine Cleveland will be able to come back and win the title now.  It’s not because they are down 2-zip, teams have done that, particularly when they lost the first two on the road and then go back home.  It’s because of how they lost.

Golden State has won the first two games by a combined total of 48 points. That’s the largest margin of victory for the first two games of the finals in history.  Why? Because great teams aren’t supposed to lose bad twice in a row in the finals.  Could they come back since they are at home?  Sure, but I doubt it. Not when you consider that Curry and Thompson haven’t dominated a game yet. Not either one. The Splash brothers combined for 20 points in game 1 and 35 in game 2. Normally, one guy is good for that much in a game. They are averaging 14 points in the series and Cleveland still hasn’t been particularly competitive. So, imagine when they get hot, right?  Cleveland just isn’t good enough, that simple.

If they want to have a chance, it’s time for Lebron to take over and impose his will on Golden State. He’s a great player, and also a team player. He might want to focus more on the great and less on the team right now.

It seems like that is Cleveland’s only chance.