BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Social media a huge part of everyone’s lives in today’s world, especially in sports, but Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh doesn’t quite get the method to the madness.

On Monday, Coach Harbaugh had dinner with his brother Jim, an avid Twitter user, who tweeted out this:


In just minutes, over three hundred Twitter followers had responded via likes and retweets. “I couldn’t believe how fast people respond to those,” John told

The Ravens organization is big on Twitter, but maybe that’s enough exposure for the coach.

“I guess it’s growing on me, because the ability to communicate that way is pretty interesting. I think college is a bigger deal because of the recruiting thing. It’s really probably important for them. In our level, I don’t know how much value it has,” he said. 

Overall, he said he would probably end up saying something controversial and get into some trouble, because as well as know, once it’s on the internet, it’s there forever.



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