DUNDALK, Md. (WJZ) — Baltimore County police are now investigating after a woman was found dead inside a parking garage at the Eastpoint Mall in Dundalk.

George Solis has details.

Police say this all unfolded Saturday afternoon. A 60-year-old woman was found murdered inside a Sears parking garage. She was later identified as Malia Delores Wagner.

A slew of Baltimore County police responded to the Eastpoint Mall in Dundalk.

“They found a woman with several injuries to her upper body,” said Shawn Vinson, Baltimore County police.

Police say her injuries were severe but disclose little more. She was stabbed multiple times, police say.

“This was a very violent crime and we’re trying to determine what exactly happened, what led up to this and what was the motive of this,” said Vinson.

Police say the woman had no ID and they don’t know who she is. It’s also unclear if she was killed where her body was found.

“At this point, it’s unclear. It’s inconclusive if the homicide occurred here or occurred somewhere else so we’re going to try and continue to see what exactly happened,” Vinson said.

The woman was transported to Bayview Hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

WJZ talked to mall patrons who were stunned by the scene.

“You have my prayers to the family and I hope you find out who did it,” said one.

“It’s crazy!” said another.

Police say it’s unclear if the woman was targeted or if it was random.

Police say they have added patrols in the area and mall security will escort people who request it.


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