DUNDALK, Md. (WJZ) — Did a woman kill her own mother? That is the question Baltimore County police are asking as Crystal Wagner is charged in the stabbing death of her mother, Malia Wagner, inside an Eastpoint Mall parking garage.

WJZ sat down with Malia’s other daughter, Shana, who is dealing with the fact that her sister is the person charged in their mother’s death.

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“Just last week it was said that Crystal told my mother she was going to kill her and now she’s succeeded with killing my mom,” Shana said.

Those are the words of a daughter whose mother Malia was stabbed to death in a parking garage of Eastpoint Mall Saturday.

Shana Tomczewski is also the sister of the suspect in custody.

“She would have never thought her daughter would kill her. She tried to see the good in everybody,” she said.

She says for some time, her sister has not been the person she knew growing up.

“She was diagnosed with being bipolar. She never took her medicine; she thought she was fine,” she said. “I kept telling my mother that I felt like my sister Crystal was going to do something. My mother was like, `Oh no, she would would never hurt nobody. I don’t feel she did anything wrong when she stabbed her husband.’ I kept telling my mother, `Yeah, yeah, she did, Mom.'”

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Baltimore County police say surveillance video from inside and outside the mall show Crystal Wagner with her mother, 60-year-old Malia Wagner.

“Once in that parking area, the daughter attacked her mother and at some point, pulled out a knife and stabbed the mother to the upper body several times,” said Baltimore County Cpl. Shawn Vinson.

The assault itself wasn’t captured on video but police say what was seen on surveillance video is Crystal driving away in her mother’s vehicle. Shana says she was at home when Crystal returned.

“She was distraught, real red in the face. Her knuckles were red, like bloodshed red. Sweaty, clammy-looking, shaken, talking a mile a minute. She had a scarf around her neck. She wouldn’t show me her neck, wouldn’t look at me face to face,” Shana said.

It would be hours later when Shana found out her mother was dead and her sister was the main suspect, a tough situation for a woman mourning the death of her mother and facing the reality that her sister is the alleged killer.

“My mom’s dead, compliments of her daughter,” Shana said.

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Shana says her sister was on probation after stabbing her husband. She also says that trial was postponed because Crystal’s attorney wanted a psychiatric evaluation done before her trial.