WASHINGTON (WJZ) — Forty-nine people were killed Sunday morning in the Orlando night club massacre. Dozens still remain hospitalized, and some are fighting for their lives.

Marcus Washington explains the tragedy is once again renewing the debate over gun control.

The horrific mass shooting inside a gay club in Orlando has re-sparked conversations throughout the country about gun control. The topic also created a heated dispute on the House floor Monday night, when House Speaker Paul Ryan did not address questions about taking action on the nation’s current gun laws.

On Tuesday afternoon, the debate continued outside the Capitol with two Maryland congressmen — Republican Andy Harris and Democrat Dutch Ruppersberger. Both agree a change must happen, but “how” is where they disagree.

“Anyone who thinks we’re going to solve the war on terror through passing another gun control law is simply delusional,” said Rep. Andy Harris.

“I thought after Sandy Hook, when 26 children were massacred, that Congress would step up and do something,” said Rep. Dutch Ruppersberger.

When it comes to the semiautomatic weapon the shooter used in the Orlando attack, the congressmen again disagree on if it should be banned.

“No law would have stopped this man from doing the destruction that he did. No law. Because if we had banned the AR15s, for instance, he would have selected another type of weapon. Believe me, again, there are many other types of semiautomatic rifles that can do that much damage,” said Harris.

“An individual who wants to kill somebody will do that, but it will be less people and less casualties because they won’t be able to fire so quickly,” Ruppersberger said.

It’s a debate that continues mass shooting after mass shooting, with everyone hoping for a true solution.

“Shame on us for Congress if we can’t find a middle ground that protects American lives,” said Ruppersberger.

During a moment of silence for the victims in Orlando, some Democrats walked out in protest.


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