BALTIMORE, Md. (WJZ) — The Elkton Police Department is rolling out a new law enforcement strategy to crack down on prostitution: a letter home.

Here’s how it works: police will now send warning letters to owners of vehicles seen driving in a way that suggests they’re trying to solicit a prostitute.

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The “Dear John” letters don’t carry any charges and recipients aren’t accused of anything, Capt. J.V. Zurolo wrote in a Facebook post explaining the initiative, but a case number will be generated and details of the vehicle’s sighting will be documented in an incident report.

“We believe this tactic will be a great deterrent by making the known areas of prostitution activity less attractive to prospective ‘Johns’ or customers,” wrote Zurolo.

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The letters will note when and where the vehicle was observed and inform the driver he was spotted driving “in a manner indicative of attempting to pick up a prostitute.”

The correspondence won’t be random either, according to Zurulo, who added that police often witness suspicious behavior — such as a known prostitute getting into or out of a vehicle — but don’t have probable cause to make an arrest.

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This method augments the abilities of police to “rid the town of this type of activity,” the captain wrote.