Gavin Class is a former Towson Tigers football player who collapsed on the field and needed a liver transplant in 2013.

Gavin joined Ed and Steve to talk about how he would not give up on athletics despite incredible odds.

Gavin started by talking about the incident on the practice field in August of 2013 saying, “That day is the only day I don’t remember. I remember everything leading up to it…my teammates told me I was in my stance and the coach blew the whistle and I didn’t get up out of my stance.” Gavin suffered his heat stroke on a Monday and had his liver transplant surgery the following Thursday.

Gavin was not allowed to return to football so he turned his attention to the Transplant Games where he earned five medals in three different sports. Class is now turning his attention to the 2017 World Transplant Games in Malaga, Spain where he hopes to represent the USA in swimming.


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