This week’s edition of The Norris & Davis Show Best Of includes interviews with Rowdy Gaines on Michael Phelps and the U.S. swim trials, former Terps player Drew Nicholas on the NBA Draft, and Burt Ward the man who played ‘Robin’ on the original Batman television series.


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Drew started off by talking about Diamond Stone and if he made a mistake entering the draft early after falling to the second round saying “I was initially surprised by how low he went I thought he would go in the 18-30 range just based on his potential and what he could become.” As for possible reasons that Diamond fell all the way to the 40th overall pick Drew said “I don’t have any inside information on this but there has to be something that came up in his interviews or the background checks that had to be a little off.”

When asked about Robert Carter Jr and his decision to leave Maryland early and telling NBA teams he would not report to a European team Drew said “I understand him telling NBA teams no…from the beginning I thought it was a complete mistake by him coming out and I didn’t ever see him getting drafted.” As for Jake Layman and whether or not he’s in a good position with being traded to the Trail Blazers Drew said “he’s a legitimate NBA three…does he drift in and out of games at times, yes but could he become a three and d guy? why not.”

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Burt started out by talking about the legacy of Batman and Robin in the 50 years since he and Adam West performed those characters on the original tv series saying “what we did was terrific family entertainment…since our show you’ve had all the tremendous Batman movies that have come out.” As for what he did after the Batman series ended Burt said “well what I have done besides doing 40 features for tv and other movies, I’ve toured the country making personal appearances.”

Burt also talked about why the original Batman series only lasted three seasons saying “we were making shows twice a week and on every episode the studio was losing about $320,000 an episode…they felt like they had made enough episodes to syndicate it without making new episodes.”

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Burt also talked about Gentle Giants a dog food that he and his wife have created as a non-profit charity to help dogs live longer saying “for the last 22 years my wife and I have rescued more than 15,500 dogs…everyone of those 15,500 dogs have lived with us we always have a minimum of 50 dogs living in our house.”