I know it might be hard to feel too great about the Orioles at this very instant, considering that they have lost five in a row, but with that said, Orioles fans should feel great.

The Orioles are in first place, and they have a better record than all but six teams in baseball. So, if the season ended today, the O’s are in the playoffs. They are doing it about the way most people expected. They are knocking the cover off the ball, and their rotation isn’t very good. That what was kind of what was expected, that they might set home run records, but their rotation was a big question mark.

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Until recently, the bullpen was stellar, and the 3 guys we expected to excel, Britton, O’Day and Brach have been exceptional. The Orioles are on pace for 94 wins. Who wouldn’t take that? Now, when they get to the playoffs, will their rotation have to be better? Probably. Will it? I am not sure.

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My sense is, they will add some starting pitching, although I am skeptical they will get a real difference maker because (a) those kinds of guys aren’t really available and (b) the Orioles don’t have enough to acquire one of those pitchers. They will probably have to get it done with what they have.

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Do I wish it was a little better? Maybe, but there’s about 23 teams that would trade places with the Orioles right now so fans should be pretty content.