BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The heat is on in Maryland. Much of the state is facing a Code Orange alert, WJZ’s Marcus Washington reports.

Construction crews are just some of the people who have to work in the heat. They are doing all they can to stay cool.

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“I’ve been doing this for about 33 years and it hasn’t changed all that much. There is only so much you can do in the heat. But the main thing is to drink plenty of water, and take those breaks,” said Jim Goetz, Maryland Highway Administration.

When it comes to trying to battle the heat, it can be a losing battle, sending some people to the hospital.

Many times, bodies just can’t take the heat. Many people are faced with heat exposure, heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

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Dr. Jonathan Hansen, MedStar Franklin Square Hospital’s Chief of ER, says the heat can get the best of anyone, but it’s important to listen to the warning signs from your body.

“There is a spectrum of heat-related illnesses. Some might just be cramps and just feeling fatigued. You can go all the way up to something called heat stroke and it can be life-threatening,” said Dr. Hansen.

Dr. Hansen says if you are outside and can’t make your way into an air-conditioned building, find a cool area — preferably one with shade — sit down and hydrate your body.

“If you feel like kind of foggy, if you feel like you’re just off and things aren’t right, give your doctor a call or you can come into the emergency department. But the first thing is certainly to move yourself out of that high heat environment,” Dr. Hansen said.

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If you’re going to be out in the heat, you should also stay away from alcohol or caffeinated drinks.