I just don’t understand the criticism he is getting.  The man found himself what he perceived to be a better situation. Isn’t that what most people do in their career?  Not only that, but he took less money, and put his ego aside to do it.

Durant is the third all-time leading scorer per game in NBA history, and now his scoring average will probably go down. He is joining another superstar’s team, so he might be a headliner, but he is not “the” guy anymore. Athletes are judged by how many titles they win.  He is about to start his 10th year.  He has no titles. That is one of the knocks on guys like Barkley, Ewing, Malone, Stockton, Baylor…they never won titles. Same for a player like Dan Marino in the NFL, Ernie Banks in MLB, Ovechkin in NHL.  “They never won a championship.” Maybe Durant realized it probably wouldn’t happen in OKC, or maybe he just didn’t want to live in Oklahoma City anymore.

Oakland may not have the greatest reputation, but San Francisco does. If he’s going to leave OKC, what was he supposed to do, go to a team with a decent chance of winning?  What’s the point of that? Go to the place that gives you your best chance.  That’s what Durant, and that’s what most people would do if faced with the same decision. They might not admit it, but the easy way out is also often the best way.