Baltimore native Donnell Whittenburg is an alternate for the US Men’s Gymnastics team for the Rio Olympics in August.

Donnell joined Ed and Steve to talk about being a part of the Olympic team and how he became interested in gymnastics.

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Donnell was asked about how surprised he was for being an alternate on the Olympic team saying, “it was definitely a shock to me too, but in gymnastics you just have to stay with it and push yourself as hard as you can.” As for how he got started in the world of gymnastics Donnell said, “I used to do back hand springs and hand stand walks around my house, my Mom thought it was super dangerous and was scared I was going to hurt myself so we found a local gym.”

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Donnell went on to talk about being just happy to be a part of the team and doing whatever is necessary to help the US medal in gymnastics because “that’s all that matters.”