BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Birdland would not be complete without the beloved skipper Buck Showalter and MASN’s most recent video of the “Best of Buck” shows just why he’s the very best.

Here are our top five favorite hilarious Buck moments:

  1. That one time Buck tried really hard to impress the guys with his pop culture and said, “Hey, did you hear that song by…Rih-an-ya?”
  2. When Buck attempted to list the rappers he’s familiar with: “I know Drake, I got that. Eminem, I got him. Some guy named 10 cent, something like that… ’50 Cent?’ Yeah.”
  3. Buck sharing his feelings on the other birds, the real ones: “Birds are way too loud…then you get the anxiety that you can’t sleep and they’re chirping.”
  4. Buck being an architect: “Who designed this dugout? Where’s the rest of it?”
  5. That time we had no idea what he was actually talking about, but are also very scared to know the truth: “Put ’em in the stuff like my mother put my tonsils in and carry ’em out the door. I could’ve snuck mine out. Those would have made great earrings.”

Watch all the hilarity for yourself below: