The Orioles have been, understandably, somewhat cryptic about whether or not there is an innings limit for Dylan Bundy.  As a result, we have been left to speculate if there is a cap of 75 or 80 innings and whether or not that means he won’t start this year. However, after listening to Dan Duquette get interviewed by Steve Melewski on the pre-game show on Sunday on 105.7 the Fan, I am now more convinced than ever that Bundy will enter the rotation this season, and maybe soon.

Duquette pointed out that, at times, he’s been conservative handling pitchers with an injury problem, and they’ve gotten anyway, and he’s been more liberal with other pitchers, and they pitched really well.  He went on to say that if Bundy is pitching well and feels good, he’s inclined to let him start.  If the Orioles rotation was solid, I don’t think we’d be having this conversation. Unfortunately, it isn’t solid, not even close.

The Orioles have Tillman, Gausman and Gallardo, and that’s it right now. They need not one, but two starters to step up.  It seems like Tyler Wilson will be given another shot. Someone else needs to emerge. No one wants to see Ubaldo out there, so who will step up?

They might make a trade, they might give Worley or Despaigne a shot, but how confident are people that any of those guys are the best solution?  Bundy has been outstanding and has the best stuff of all of those options.

I think it’s fair to assume that fairly soon, way ahead of schedule, will be in the Orioles rotation.


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