Dan Duquette, the General Manager of the American League East leading Baltimore Orioles, joined Ken and Steve to talk about the Orioles starting the second half of the season and possible roster moves and trades that could be made.

Dan started off by talking about overcoming the starting pitching and how the team has overcome the struggles in that area saying, “well the starting pitching and consistency of it has a lot to do with how a club performs, we’ve been fortunate to overcome that.” As for whether or not the O’s should add to their roster Dan said, “we’re looking around for another starter…we have a really dynamic ball club with the addition of Trumbo in the middle of our lineup I don’t know if anyone could’ve predicted he’d lead the league in home runs.”

When asked about how much longer the team can stick with Ubaldo Jimenez in the rotation Dan said, “well the thing with Jimenez is that he’s one of the more consistent pitchers in the league and has been for 8 years…he’s always been a streaky pitcher and for some reason this season he hasn’t been able to do what he’s done throughout his career.”

Dan also went on to talk about Manny Machado and whether or not the rumors about Manny’s agent bringing an extension offer to the Orioles are true, and his hopes for keeping Manny in black and orange.