Earlier this week, World Anti-Doping Agency officials called for Russia to be barred from this summer’s Rio Games after a report confirmed a Russian whistle-blower’s claims of government-ordered cheating during the 2014 Sochi Olympics.

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NY Times writer Rebecca Ruiz joined Norris and Davis to comment on the accusations,”Dr. Grigory Rodchenkov was Russia’s longtime anti-doping lab director in Moscow and also oversaw drug testing at the 2014 Winter Olympics which Russia hosted in Sochi. After last fall, he fled to the United States for Los Angeles and in May we sat with him for three days and heard his story which was an unbelievably detailed account of a government-run cheating program that extended back years.”

In Ruiz’s latest article she wrote, “The investigative team gained access to 95 doping samples of Russian athletes from Sochi that had been stored in Switzerland; 11 were chosen at random for analysis. All of them showed signs of tampering, the report said, including scratches on the inside of the bottle caps and abnormal levels of table salt in urine, which Dr. Rodchenkov said he added to make certain recorded chemistry measurements of the tainted and clean samples matched.”

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Beyond interviews, the report was informed by forensic evidence, metadata and emails retrieved from computer hard drives.

Listen to the full interview with NY Times writer Rebecca Ruiz below:

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