BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The City of Baltimore once again played host to Frank Underwood and company this week as filming of “House of Cards” took place around town.

On Wednesday, crews for the Netflix hit drama were filming scenes for Season 5 in Monument Square, reddit users report. Afterward, neighbors whose routines were disrupted by the shoot were treated to pizza courtesy of the production.

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Over the weekend, one Twitter user reported a sighting of actor Michael Kelly, who plays Doug Stamper — the right hand man to Kevin Spacey’s Underwood, somewhere in Baltimore, saying he was seen at J. Crew. The following day, Kelly himself tweeted a picture of his trailer.

And last week, there were reports on social media that the production trucks had been seen at the offices of our news partner, The Baltimore Sun. This isn’t anything unusual; in fact, the show films frequently within the city and in surrounding counties, despite being set in D.C.

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