BALTIMORE (WJZ) — With a blistering heat wave bringing triple digit temperatures to Maryland, there was no shortage of ways people sought to beat the heat on Saturday.

As WJZ’s George Solis reports, heating and cooling companies fielded emergency calls to fix air conditioning units so residents could retreat inside to escape the sun’s scorching rays. In one case, the solution was as simple as replacing a fan motor — to stave off the brutal heat and head off any future problems.

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The rising temperatures haven’t just sparked house calls home repairs, they’ve also kept organizations like AAA busy as they handle car problems. “When it’s extreme heat like this, we get battery problems, we get tire problems and we get lock outs,” said AAA technician Garland Amaker.

“(But) the number one thing is overheating vehicles,” Amaker said.

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The unbearable heat, for many, serves as a reminder that it can not only be uncomfortable, but also deadly. The last time Maryland saw triple digit temperatures, back in 2012, 46 people died. Six others died in 2015.

But some people in Baltimore don’t dread the heat, they make do. That was the case at a tennis tournament held in Druid Hill Park on Saturday. Still, there were adjustments made to accommodate players.

“What we do is make sure they only play one match a day,” said organizer Carlton Cromwell. “That takes care of the heat.”

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Cromwell, like many people WJZ spoke with, offered the same advice to anyone looking to brave the sweltering conditions. “Hydrate, hydrate and hydrate,” he said.