After the performance turned in by the starters during this four-game win streak, including a sweep of the previously best team in the American League Cleveland Indians, the question looms: do the Orioles make a move for a starter prior to next Monday’s trade deadline?

Number one, I don’t think they have enough to make a move to get a true upgrade. Number two, it doesn’t appear there is much out there (unless Chris Sale really is on the trade block).

Last year, among others, David Price and Johnny Cueto were traded. Pitchers like that won’t be shipped this year. So, I don’t think the Orioles are in a position to drastically upgrade their rotation. What this weekend showed me, with the performance of Worley (7 innings, 2 runs) and Bundy (5 innings, no earned runs, 1st win as a starter), is that the Orioles don’t need to make a move just to get a body that might not be very good but is better than Ubaldo. The Orioles have options here.

Am I concerned that this rotation might not be good enough to succeed in the playoffs? Sure.  That said, if they get there, most people will be thrilled after they were predicted to be a bottom of the division team by the pundits. I would certainly like them to have more proven pitchers for the playoffs, but I just don’t think that’s possible.