BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A new poll released by CBS News has Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton carrying a 7-point lead among register voters over Republican rival Donald Trump.

As WJZ’s Pat Warren reports, Clinton received a 4-point bump in support following the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, just weeks after Trump got a boost after the GOP held its convention in Cleveland.

Just two weeks ago, Clinton and Trump were running neck-and-neck at 42 percent.

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There aren’t many surprises to be found in the survey, which shows despite Clinton’s edge, voters have by and large pledged to vote along party lines and they won’t be swayed. It also indicates that neither contender is very likable.

In fact, 92 percent of Clinton supporters surveyed said their minds were made up. Likewise, 91 percent of Trump’s supporters said the same.

Despite that support, both candidates still have high unfavorables among those polled — for Trump, that’s 52 percent and Clinton is doing slightly better with 50 percent. 

Meanwhile, 60 percent said they don’t think Clinton is honest, but that’s actually down from 67 percent who said that last week.

In Trump’s case, 60 percent said they don’t believe Trump is prepared for the job of president, and they think he lacks the right temperament for the role.

Following the DNC, more voters now see Clinton was being prepared for the job (60 percent), having the right temperament (57 percent) and being a strong leader (58 percent) than did so before the convention.

Another ripple from the convention: 63 percent of voters (including most men and women) said, regardless of their affiliation, they are glad a woman is a major party nominee for President of the United States.