By Ron Matz

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The weekends bring a lot of people to the bars and restaurants in Fells Point, and you never know who might show up.

“Saturday Night Live” took on a whole new meaning for customers at two nightspots last weekend, WJZ’s Ron Matz reports.

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Cell phones were out at the Cat’s Eye Pub. Actor Jim Belushi took the stage to jam with the Black Falls Band. At first, he was just hanging at the bar.

“I asked him if he had his harps, which is for the layman is harmonicas in blues speak and he came up and we started with ‘Sweet Home Chicago’ and we rolled through three more tunes. He was awesome,” said Dominick Cantalupo, musician who played with Jim Belushi at the Cat’s Eye Pub.

The Saturday Night Live comedian played four tunes with the band.

“He’s very good. I would say having grown up with Saturday Night Live and his brother John that Jim is probably a little more accomplished. I think he’s got a better voice. He did great. It turned out wonderful,” said Cantalupo.

Belushi started his Fells Point tour with Greg Thompkins and his band at Bertha’s.

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“He did two tunes with us. He was fine. I wasn’t really aware he sang. It was a very nice surprise, and he was a really nice guy,” Thompkins said.

It was a memorable evening for everyone.

“The club went from hardly having anyone in it to being packed within five minutes,” said Thompkins.

“It made our night, it made the crowd’s night. Everybody has a story to tell, that’s fore sure,” said Cantalupo.

Jim Belushi is in Baltimore filming a new movie, so it’s possible he could be jamming again this weekend in Fells Point.

“I was thrilled. I’m a big Jim Belushi fan. I’m glad he’s going to spend some time in Baltimore. It strikes me that this would be his kind of town,” said Ana Marie Cushing, owner of the Cat’s Eye Pub.

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The movie Jim Belushi is making in Baltimore is called Soller Point and it’s being directed by local filmmaker Matt Porterfield.