BALTIMORE (WJZ)—Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump called Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake “a joke” after her appearance on CNN’s State of the Union on Sunday morning.

Last week, Mayor Rawlings-Blake criticized the Trump campaign for declining to participate in the Urban League National Conference.

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On Sunday, the mayor goes toe-to-toe with senior Trump adviser Jason Miller on CNN.

The show, which is hosted by CNN’s Jack Tapper, broke down Trump’s long week in the headlines after fighting with the Khan family, making comments about Vladimir Putin, the endorsement of Paul Ryan and a string of high profile republicans backing behind  Hillary Clinton.

“First part of the week was a little bit bumpy, but I would say the back half of the week was good for Donald Trump,” said senior Trump adviser Jason Miller.

A new Washington Post poll shows 60% of registered voters think Clinton is qualified to be president compared to Trump.

During the show, Tapper asked Rawlings-Blake if  “there a risk of democrats getting too confident?”

“I think if we paid attention as much as much as pollsters and as much as the media does to the polling we can get complacent and I think there’s a risk that people might not come out to vote. But we’re not going to do that,” she said. “This election is too important and the poll numbers are great now, but the poll numbers that matter are the polls in November and that’s getting people out to the poll to vote. There’s so much that’s happening with voter’s suppression. Why? Because that’s the only way the republicans win–If they close the tent, reduce the tent, keep voters away from the polls. We are not going to be fooled. So all of this, the bad week for Trump, the good week for Clinton, that’s fine this week, but we’re very focused on a grassroots game to get people to the polls this election matters too much.”

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Trump fired back on Twitter calling the Baltimore mayor a joke.

“I see where Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake of Baltimore is pushing Crooked hard,” he said. “Look at the job she has done in Baltimore. She is a joke!”

“Crooked” is a term Trump uses to refer to Hillary Clinton.

Tapper continued the discussion with Miller about Trump being behind in the current polls.

“The single most important number to keep in mind is that 70-percent of the American public thinks that we are going in the wrong direction,” said Miller. “And for Hillary Clinton to be doubling, tripling down on this third term puts in a real difficult spot. Case and point, on Friday as we saw Secretary Clinton bumble and stumble and again tripling down on this lie on her email server. But the fact that it reminds people immediately just how much they dislike Hillary Clinton.”

Rawlings-Blake quickly fires back saying, “But they dislike Trump more. He can’t even convince his own republicans to support him. People think that someone have his temperament in charge of the nuclear codes is terrifying. And he doesn’t have a plan.”

After hearing about Trump’s tweet the Baltimore mayor responded on Twitter saying, “Girl bye, if he can’t take criticism from “a joke”, what’s he gonna do when somebody real comes for him? #notready

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To watch on Rawlings-Blake’s appearance on CNN’s State of the Union CLICK HERE.