Ralph Russo, writer for the Associated Press, joined Ed and Rob to talk about the upcoming college football season and the AP rankings.

Ralph started off by talking about the pre-season AP polls, how the voting takes place and what pollsters should be looking at saying, “if you try to put people into a box it’s subjective anyway, how can you not look ahead when rosters are incomplete…the pre-season poll is basically a best guesstimate and a conversation starter.”

Ralph went on to talk about his voting and predictions saying, “I picked Florida State to win the National Championship, I’m pretty confident they’ll win the ACC and not as confident they’ll win it all…in has a little bit of a sense of 2013 but not that gas good, Jimbo has a history of getting quarterbacks ready.”

Ralph finished by picking his most fragile team and a surprise team who can vault their way into the playoff at the end of the year.


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